Samurai Barber Versus Ninja Hairstylist

Genre: Sci-fi

Release Date: 28th Nov 2020

A novel premise that comes out of left field but launches an oddly poignant adventure. - Kirkus Reviews

The Samurai Barber is the hero of a delightfully weird and imaginative story with a surprisingly tender heart. - BookLife

Change is in the hair.

Ninjas are wreaking havoc by cutting people’s hair without their permission. Behind this follicular terrorism is a master ninja, the Ninja Hairstylist, whose chaotic hairstyle embodies the anarchy that is about to tear the city apart.

The Samurai Barber must step up and cut down the evil strands on the Ninja Hairstylist’s head. It is not just keratin that is at stake. The Samurai Barber must fight for one of the cornerstones of modern civilization; the freedom and self-determination to choose your own hairstyle.

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