I got this book for free from because I wanted to put it on my Kindle. But it was originally published on a forum.

Probably because it was published for free, I found a lot of typos. There was even a section where a character’s name got switched around. I don’t know if all these issues got fixed in the forum version. However, I found them to be but mild distractions in the version I downloaded, because this book is FREE and what is here is very good.

It started off very mundane, a college student getting harassed by the new alien conquerors, but it just grew and grew and it became so epic by the end that I found myself awed. There were a number of alien cultures that were explored but I found them to be quite monolithic, where every member of an alien race acted like the stereotypes that they were introduced with. For example, the Faey, which is the main alien race that we read about, only has one culture even though their civilization spans a number of planets and systems. And every member of that race acted according to that one culture.

But what saves this book is the main character. His goals and motivations were crystal clear and I found myself wanting to read about what he was going to do next. He was the reason I managed to finish this humongous book, which must be upwards of 200k+ words. This book could have used some editing, there were some sections that I felt were repeated information that could probably be cut, but despite this, I just wanted to keep on reading.